U.S. Country Studies Program: Support for Climate Change Studies, Plans, and Technology Assessments

Ukraine Final Report

Ukraine took part in U.S. Country Studies Program. The Country Study on Climate Change in Ukraine was coordinated by the Agency for Rational Energy Use and Ecology (ARENA-ECO) under supervision of Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine. The project consisted of four elements: development of GHG emission inventory in Ukraine; assessment of ecosystems vulnerability due to climate change and adaptation options; analysis of mitigation measures; and public education and outreach activities.

There was a obvious necessity to develop the Ukrainian National Action Plan to address climate change. This plan involves economic forces to meet the challenges posed by the threat of global warming. It calls for limited, and focused, government action and innovative public/private partnerships. It relies on the ingenuity, creativity, and sense of responsibility of the Ukrainian people.

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Last updated 4 May 2000