Polar Research from Satellites

Entry_ID: GCRIO 032 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: Polar Research from Satellites Document_Author: Thomas, Robert H. Agency_Name: NASA>National Aeronautics and Space Administration Start_Date: 1991-06-01
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Research Community

A 91-page review of existing and planned satellite sensors by Robert H.
Group: Data_Center
Data_Center_Name: "NASA Office of Mission to Planet Earth"
Dataset_ID: same as Entry_Title
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Last_Name: Johnson
First_Name: Danin
Email: None
Phone: (202) 479-0360
Fax: (202) 479-2566
Group: Address
Document Resource Facility
Earth Science Support Office
300 D Street, SW, Suite 840
Washington, DC 20024
Storage_Medium: 91 pages of printed matter
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Carbon Dioxide
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Chlorofluorocarbons
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Clouds
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Contaminants
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Humidity
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Ozone
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Water Vapor
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics > Atmospheric Temperature
Parameter: Earth Radiative Processes > Irradiance
Parameter: Earth Radiative Processes > Radiance
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Albedo
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Elevation
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Glaciers
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Ice
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Snow
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Topographic Data
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Nutrients
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Organic Matter
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Phytoplankton
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Pigment Concentration
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Pollutants
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Sea Ice
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Upwelling
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Zooplankton
Discipline: Earth Science > Land
Discipline: Earth Science > Ocean
Location: Polar
Keyword: NASA
Keyword: climate change
Keyword: global warming
Keyword: ocean
Keyword: atmosphere
Keyword: trace gases
Keyword: surface albedo
Keyword: satellite instruments
Keyword: remote sensing
Keyword: algorithms
Keyword: arctic snow and ice
Keyword: polar research