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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90nov22

Ambio, 19(6-7), Oct. 1990. Partly funded by the Swedish International Development Agency and the U.N. Environmental Programme, the issue focuses on "Chlorofluorocarbons and the Stratospheric Ozone Layer." Special advisor for this issue was A. Rosencranz (Pacific Energy Resour. Ctr., 1055 Ft. Cronkhite, Sausalito CA 94965). Editor-in-Chief is A. Rosemarin. For copies, write to Ambio, Roy. Swed. Acad. Sci., Box 50005, S-104 05 Stockholm, Swed. (tel: +48 8 15 04 30). Citations follow:

"CFCs and the Stratospheric Ozone Layer," A. Rosemarin, A. Rosencranz (addresses above), p. 279. Editorial.

"Some Background on CFCs," A. Rosemarin, p. 280.

"Stratospheric Ozone Depletion by Chlorofluorocarbons," F.S. Rowland (Dept. Chem., Univ. California, Irvine CA 92717), 281-292.

"Ozone and Climate Changes in the Light of the Montreal Protocol: A Model Study," C. Brühl (Max-Planck Inst. Chem., Postfach 3060, D-6500 Mainz FRG), P.J. Crutzen, 293-301.

"The Montreal Protocol: Pollution Prevention on a Global Scale," S.R. Seidel (US EPA, 401 M St. SW, Washington DC 20460), D.P. Blank, 301-304.

"Beyond Vienna and Montreal--Multilateral Agreements on Greenhouse Gases," D.A. Wirth (Sch. Law, Washington & Lee Univ., Lexington VA 24450), D.A. Lashof, 305-310.

"Supplementing the Montreal Protocol," J.H. Chafee (U.S. Senate, Washington DC 20510), S.J. Shimberg, 310-312.

"CFC Abatement: The Needs of Developing Countries," A. Rosencranz (Pac. Energy Resour. Ctr., 1055 Ft. Cronkhite, Sausalito CA 94965), R. Milligan, 312-316.

"CFCs in the Developing Nations: A Major Economic Development Opportunity. Will the Institutions Help or Hinder?" G.D. Phillips (Energy Resour. Intl., 1055 Ft. Cronkhite, Sausalito CA 94965), 316-320.

"Industry Responses to the Montreal Protocol," C.A. Moore (Technol. Clearinghouse, POB 6091, McLean VA 22106), 320-323.

"Cutting the Cost of Environmental Policy: Lessons from Business Response to CFC Regulation," D.J. Dudek (Environ. Defense Fund, 257 Park Ave. S., New York NY 10010), A.M. LeBlanc, K. Sewall, 324-328.

"Replacing CFCs: The Search for Alternatives," J.S. Hoffman (US EPA Global Change Div., ANR-445, 401 M St. SW, Washington DC 20460), 329-333.

"Global Environmental Advocacy: Citizen Activism in Protecting the Ozone Layer," E. Cook (Friends of the Earth, Oceanic Soc., 218 D St. SE, Washington DC 20003), 334-338.

"The Development of Substitutes for Chlorofluorocarbons: Public-Private Cooperation and Environmental Policy," A. Miller (Ctr. Global Change, Univ. Maryland, 7100 Baltimore Ave., College Pk. MD 20740), 338-340.

"A Profile of Measures Taken in Sweden to Protect the Stratospheric Ozone Layer," H. Ahmadzai (Industrial Dept., Swed. Environ. Protect. Agency, S-171 85 Solna, Swed.), T. Hedland, 341-343.

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