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Updated 8 February, 2004

Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS)









The Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS) is the set of individual agency data and information systems that support global change research supplemented by a minimal amount of crosscutting new infrastructure, and made interoperable by the use of standards, common approaches, technology sharing, and data policy coordination. The GCDIS user community extends from global change researchers to other researchers, policy makers, educators, private industry, and private citizens. Through the GCDIS, these users are able to learn about the existence and location of relevant data and information resources, have key holding available in useful forms, and be assured of their quality and continued availability.

The individual agency components of the GCDIS are funded through their respective budgets. There will neither be a lead agency nor a separately funded budget for the GCDIS. Interagency GCDIS implementation will be coordinated through the GCDIS Subgroup of the Data Management Working Group (DMWG) of the Subcommittee of Global Change Research (SGCR).

More detailed information about the GCDIS can be found at the GCDIS Home Page. An overview of some important aspects of the GCDIS is presented below.

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